A poem for Tabitha at the end of Reception

When you first started school last September,

It was ever so scary and new,

To begin with there were lots of tears,

(From me as well as you).

But with the help of a knitted bear up your sleeve,

And some reading of ‘Starting School’,

You began to enjoy going in every day,

And thought Miss Roberts was pretty cool.

You really embraced learning phonics,

Thanks to a jolly giraffe, Geraldine,

You came home reciting the catchy tunes,

Of clicking castanets and buzzy bees.

Very soon you were actually reading,

Writing words, then sentences too,

You learnt to count to ten in Spanish,

Went to a Temple and Battersea Zoo.

When you performed at your first Harvest Festival,

My heart was bursting with pride,

You stood up with all your classmates,

Sang ‘Mr Scarecrow’ with all of your might.

The dress-up days were endless,

With Spanish Day, Pirates and Space,

For World Book Day you were Miffy,

And you chose Greece as your favourite place.

You wore red, white and blue for the wedding,

An Easter bonnet to parade down the street,

You loved taking in toys for ‘show and tell’,

And having ‘golden time’ to finish the week.

Your nativity was so special to me,

You sang Away in a Manger so sweetly,

And then for your assembly at Vernon Road,

Your class owned the stage completely.

You’ve really enjoyed doing Lego club,

And you did a ‘learn to cycle’ course too,

You’re so proud when you’re on Lion Learner

Although a Star of the Week’s still due.

You’ve made some new friends at school this year,

(Although Jamie has remained your best pal),

There are two Julias, Claudia, Yassina…

…And Monty and Glen as well.

And now that Sports Day is over,

The summer holidays have almost begun,

You’re no longer a little Ladybird,

You’re a Caterpillar starting Year One!


Polly turns three! (almost)

As Polly is fast approaching her third birthday, I thought I’d better do a long over-due update for her.

The biggest news recently is that Polly now sleeps in a bunk bed with her big sister. We’ve talked about getting one for absolutely ages, and last weekend it finally happened! Up until that moment Polly still slept in a cot, although it had gotten to the point where she was climbing out whenever she fancied, so she was more than ready for the upgrade in sleeping arrangements! So far, it’s gone well, although I did find her (still fast asleep) stood on the rug with her head propped up against the bed last night!

I had really, really hoped that (like her big sister) Polly would be potty trained by the time she turned three, however our training hasn’t even started yet. Polly shows absolutely no interest in wanting to use the potty or toilet, and she never says if she needs to do a wee or a poo before it actually happens. I’m hoping that something will just click with her eventually and she’ll let me know somehow that she’s ready, but I suspect I’m just going to have to bite the bullet at some point and take her out of nappies. I can’t imagine our journey is going to go as smoothly as it did with Tabitha, which in hindsight was a dream. I thought that as Polly sees Tabitha using the toilet, that she’d get it quicker, but alas no. I can’t even bribe her in the same way as her sister, because she doesn’t eat sweets or chocolate…

…Yes, Polly must be the only toddler on the planet who physically recoils at the sight of chocolate, icecream or cake! She thinks of it as Tabitha’s thing, and has no interest in having it whatsoever (which is great). She does however really like flavoured yoghurts, fruit pouches and honey, so she doesn’t miss out on sweet treats entirely! She would rather eat things like ham sandwiches, cucumber slices, olives, cheddar cheese, berries and crispies. She also has a particular love for Pizza Express’s dough balls with garlic butter. But without a doubt, her favourite thing is her milky. Morning, noon and night. In a babies’ bottle, of course.

Polly’s favourite thing to play indoors is still very much Playmobil, along with Play Doh and the Blaze cars. She also has gathered quite a collection of soft toys to call her own – headed up by no less than three Waa-waas, Dipsy and Upsy Daisy to name just a few. She still likes watching Peppa Pig and absolutely LOVES the new basket swing over in the park and would happily stay on it all day. She’s also recently discovered the spiral in the playground. We still regularly go to Mortlake Hall, Stay & Play and Rhythm, Rhyme & Storytime (although she’s losing interest in the latter two of late). We’ve also thrown the occassional visit to Jumping Jacks into the mix, but don’t get up to too much else really.

Polly doesn’t really have many friends to call her own yet, although she really enjoys playing with Sam (Jamie’s brother), who is a year younger than her, and also plays well with Olivia and Isabella from her playgroup. She loves playing with Tabitha and they get on very well most of the time, although Polly does drive Tabitha mad (in fairness she can be rather annoying and a little pinchy/grabby!).

Her favourite colour by far is hot pink and in just over a week’s time we will be having a pink themed picnic in the park for her birthday. Finger’s crossed for the weather.

Happy third birthday Polp –  the toddler days are well and truly over now!




A proud mummy moment

Polly’s done her first ever wee on the potty! She’s sat on it many times before although never actually been, but this evening she declared she needed a ‘poo poo’ mid-bath and agreed to sit on the potty. She did a big wee and was very pleased with herself (as was I!).


Polly at two years and seven months

A month ago, when Polly turned two and a half, I had written a really long update on how she was doing, but when I came to publish it the draft had disappeared (I’m not sure how as I thought it automatically saved, but hey). I didn’t have the time or energy to re-write it, hence it’s been two months since I’ve done an update for her. I suspect, like with Tabitha, the updates will become fewer and farther between now Polly’s a bit older, but I just wanted to touch upon her hitting habit as I’ve not written about it yet. Yes, for a few months now, Polly has used hitting as a way of controlling her emotions. Rarely to me, but often to Tabitha and Tom. It’s her way of responding to situations she doesn’t like. I’m not worried about it as I know it’s just a phase, but I wanted to document that it happens. Hopefully going to playgroup (where she stayed for two-and-a-half hours by herself this morning) will help her to move past this slappy stage. She’s now aware that she’s going to do it (“I’m going to hit you now”), and knows that she has to (reluctantly) say sorry every time she does. Thankfully, she never throws tantrums and is a treasure of a two-year-old for the majority of the time, so it’s not all bad.

Other than that, Polly is coming on leaps and bounds, and is now never without her new favourite toy, Dipsy (and Waa of course), which means the Hebbies are no longer flavour of the month, although she does still love playing Playmobil at the table.fullsizeoutput_772f